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About Bearing Maintenance

About Bearing Maintenance sub-industry spare parts manufacturing and prototypes, samples and spare parts we produce depending on customer demand are manufactured within our organization.

Operation and Control Card, Control Plan and Production Start Approval Forms are prepared for each of more than 350 kinds of products manufactured in our company. Regular controls are made with the control frequency and measuring instrument determined by considering the critical features of the products.

Adalet Automotive bearing manufacturing and maintenance and in line with our advice; The bearing plays a vital role among the moving parts and gives information about the healthy operation of the machine. reflected in the bearing; Condition monitoring is seen as the most effective and preferred way to analyze and eliminate problems such as misalignment, incomplete balance, friction and looseness. In this way, maintenance materials and manpower planning can be created as well as fault detection. This causes the equipment they are used to be out of service unexpectedly. This naturally causes loss of production. Especially in production against time, bearing failures that may occur before the expected time are of vital importance. Bearing quality alone cannot guarantee a problem-free operation. factors also affect the life of the bearing.

As Sayim Rulman, our company has been importing and distributing new technology bearings from manufacturers specialized in their own fields since 2002 and offers them to you, users and sellers. The bearing models that are still being produced and newly developed in the world are included in the manufacturing programs by the bearing manufacturers for which we are the distributors. We present this type of new generation products to the attention of you, our bearing friends and machine manufacturers. In addition to our ever-expanding stocks, especially Linear Motion Systems, new products are added. We believe that we can serve you better by offering 20 different brands and thousands of varieties in our product range and that we can solve many of your problems such as design, assembly and long-lasting use in the application of this type of bearings in machines. In addition to the products we have presented in the catalogue, the following and many more brands and models can be found in our stocks, as well as the products that are not available in the shortest time and under suitable conditions.

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