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What is a Bearing?

What is a Bearing? sub-industry spare parts manufacturing and prototypes, samples and spare parts we produce depending on customer demand are manufactured within our organization.

Operation and Control Card, Control Plan and Production Start Approval Forms are prepared for each of more than 350 kinds of products manufactured in our company. Regular controls are made with the control frequency and measuring instrument determined by considering the critical features of the products.

Bearing is a machine element that enables the parts rotating in different directions with respect to each other to make this movement with minimum friction, enabling them to reach higher revolutions with less power consumption. Bearings, which basically consist of 4 different main parts, are used for bearings of different sizes, which can be produced in different sizes for bearings and shafts. Since bearings are precision machine elements, their production requires high technology and meticulousness. Besides, in order to get high efficiency from bearings, it is necessary to choose the right bearing.

You can see bearings in many machines that work or operate with circular or axial motion. In the picture below, you will see the picture used directly in the system. You see a simple bearing formed by nesting an inner ring and an outer ring in the mast system. In order for these rings to rotate freely within each other, there is a series of rollers placed in the middle. The very alignment and proper placement of all these rollers of the same size and smoothness is vital to the quality and life of the bearing. The factories with the highest technology can naturally produce the best quality bearings easily. What makes bearings important is to ensure that the required movement is transmitted with the least possible friction, that is, with the least compromise on power.

What is a Bearing? | Adalet Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing

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