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Bearing Manufacturing

Bearing Manufacturing sub-industry spare parts manufacturing and prototypes, samples and spare parts we produce depending on customer demand are manufactured within our organization.

Operation and Control Card, Control Plan and Production Start Approval Forms are prepared for each of more than 350 kinds of products manufactured in our company. Regular controls are made with the control frequency and measuring instrument determined by considering the critical features of the products.

Wear, corrosion, nicks, microcracks... Certain application conditions – such as contamination or occasional metal-to-metal contact in rolling contact areas – can cause all sorts of damage to your bearings. As a result, a bearing's useful life is often shorter than its calculated estimated life. One way to counter this is to implement a controlled remanufacturing process before any significant damage or bearing failure occurs. Remanufacturing can significantly extend the life of bearings while reducing your costs and lead times. And it's better for the environment, too, as it requires less energy than producing a new bearing.

A wide variety of bearing types can be remanufactured. As the basis for bearing remanufacturing, we use the same standards, processes, equipment, knowledge and competencies with the same quality assurance as new bearing manufacture.

Bearing Manufacturing | Adalet Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing

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