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Adalet Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing

Adalet Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing

Adalet Otomotiv; Transportation Logistics Automotive Tem.Services Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. It was established in 2010. Our company, which carries out contract manufacturing with its own products in the automotive sector, continues its activities in 2013 by adding MIP, MIPSAN and EGR brands, which are well known and known by domestic and foreign market customers, to reach a wide product range with its own technology and advanced machinery.

After the incorporation of these brands, our company, which actively sells and markets by establishing the sales and marketing department, includes Alternator Tensioner Bearings, Air Conditioner Tensioner Bearings, Steering Repair Kits, Signal Lamps, Signal Arms, Door Handles, Mudflaps, Ventilation Blades, Bumper and There are hundreds of types of products such as Upholstery Clips.


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